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1964 GTO Classic Car Restoration by Murphy's Classic Restorations, Dover Ohio

Transformed 1964 GTO

When I began looking for someone to restore my 1964 GTO, it was a real learning experience. The Yellow Pages provided a few names, but when I attempted to call, I found that some were out of business, others simply didn't answer the phone, and the rest were detail shops who "Don't do that type of work." I went to the Internet where I found hundreds of hits, but most were suspension shops, muffler shops, auto body shops, and a few restorers, most of whom were in Southern California. Being in Pennsylvania that did me little good. The few shops that were in my area either didn't do restoration work or didn't even answer the phone. After about 3 hours of searching, I stumbled upon the website of Murphy's Classic Restorations. It was amazing! It offered a complete virtual shop tour, pages and pages of previous projects with photos, a complete description of services, and even a location map. It was like finding a light in the darkness.

Within minutes of my call, Mark called me back and we discussed my car. He spent much more time than expected with me and talked about my restoration in clear and understandable terms. I knew that this was the guy!

A couple of months later I shipped my car out to Dover, Ohio. After 25 years in a barn, it was covered with dust and filled with mice. Mark and his crew cleared out the mice, cleaned the car, and stored it indoors for several months until they were ready to begin the restoration.

Restoration of an old car is not for the faint of heart. If all you want is a few body repairs and a paint job, don't waste Mark's time. The next time I saw my car, the body was up on a wheeled dolly and the rusted frame was on one side of the shop. There were no parts scattered around and only 3 other cars occupied the shop. It was startling to see my car like that, and now that it was opened up, it was even more of a shock to see how badly deteriorated the body and frame had become. Mark calmly and quietly explained the restoration process. It wasn't the usual, "Oh man this is really bad!" speech. Mark was relaxed and professional, and conveyed an air of “We’ve done this many times before”.

The next thing I knew, parts were arriving from Colorado, Texas, California, and goodness knows where else. One worker was assigned to only my car with help from others as needed. Any time my wife and I visited the shop, it was meticulously neat and free of the ever-present paint smell in other body shops.

After five months of work my car was delivered to me in an enclosed trailer. My rusted, barely recognizable hulk had been transformed into a brand new 40 year old car. At the car shows we attend, even hard core car buffs with years of experience admire the quality of the workmanship. The numerous awards the car has earned also attest to the quality of the restoration.

If you’re looking for ‘cheap and dirty,’ you can find that anywhere. But if you’re looking for a complete quality restoration, Murphy’s is the way to go.

Randy Cleavenger

Waynesburg, PA