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1965 GTO Restoration by Murphy's Classic Restorations, Dover Ohio

1965 GTO Restoration

My son-in-law did a great deal of research to find a restorer of my 1965 GTO that would satisfy certain important criteria.

These were:

  • An established track record for restoring GTOs.

  • Someone who could interpret my restoration goals in such a way that the end result was neither underdone nor overdone. In my case, the restoration was not to be for Concours judging, but to be of high enough quality for car show presentations, yet suitable for driving on nice days. Also, authenticity and structural integrity of any repairs was a prime concern.

  • The condition of the shop and the professionalism of the personnel needed to be of high caliber.

These goals were easily met. Mark and Julie Murphy and their staff took personal interest in restoring my car in a manner that made all of us proud of the end result. All questions regarding the restoration scope were handled quickly and satisfactorily. Where possible, economic options were offered. Also, the website was invaluable in enabling me to monitor the progress without traveling to the shop.

I have recommended Murphy’s to many who have seen the finished car and were impressed with the restoration.

K. Fred Wrenn, Jr.

Charleston, WV